Quality Management

Quality Control - Torren Pumps

Torren Pumps is dedicated to producing and delivering top-quality products that deliver remarkable performance cost-efficiently and exceptional services that transcend customer expectations. We are committed to improving product quality with continual improvements and by creating awareness among our employees to sustain consistent growth.

Torren Pumps primary objective is to implement ISO 9001 standards to:

  • Supply customers with defect-free, safe, and reliable products and services at short lead-times consistently
  • Implement an end-to-end Quality Assurance system that covers the entire process, from product design to service delivery
  • Recognize and appreciate employees, vendors, dealers, and customers for their contributions to quality improvement practices
  • Continuously innovate and produce new solutions that meet consumer requirements to ensure customer delight
  • Prioritize preventing non-conformities rather than rectifying them
  • Embrace environment-friendly and sustainable practices to protect our environment
  • Generate green energy to minimize our dependence on fossil fuels and protect scarce resources