80 mm (3”) Borewell Submersible Pumps

100 mm 4” Borewell Submersible Pumps Water Filled

Torren 100 mm 4” borewell submersible pumps are advanced energy-efficient products that offer noise-free functions. Our lightweight agriculture pumps facilitate easy installation and are specifically designed to endure high axial thrust loads, making them suitable for diverse applications.

Our R&D team at Torren Pumps are innovative, having over five decades of experience in agriculture pump manufacturing. They have put in their best efforts with continual improvements to manufacture 2 HP pumps that are synonymous with efficiency and durability.

Power Range 0.5HP-7.5 HP
Phase / Voltage Range Single-phase 180-240V, Three-phase, 350 – 415V, 50Hz, A.C Supply
Maximum total head 400 meters
Maximum flow rate 25000 lph
Maximum Outer diameter in mm 98 mm
Nominal outlet size 1.25”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” (32,40,50,65 mm)
Rotor Copper Brazed Rotor / Alu Pressure Die Cast
Bush LTB 4 Bush / Carbon
Bearing Carbon Pad with Segment Bearing
Impeller Virgin Noryl /  SS
Casing Virgin Noryl/  SS / CI

Exceptionally energy-efficient

Lightweight and effortless installation

Noise-free functioning

Wet-type, water-cooled and rewindable motors

Oil Filled Motors are also available

Suitable for wide Voltage fluctuations

High operating efficiency

Can be easily dismantled and repaired

Dynamically balanced rotating parts

Endures high axial thrust load with specially designed bearings


Agricultural/ Irrigation

Sprinkler and Drip




Garden watering

Pressure Boosting


Material of Construction of Pump
Part Name Material
Check Valve housing Cast Iron/ SS/ Brass
Diffuser Chamber SS 304 / SS 202
Impeller Noryl, Gunmetal, SS
Diffuser Noryl, Cast Iron, SS
Suction Inter Connector Cast Iron
Inlet Screen SS 304 SS 202
Pump Shaft SS 410 SS 304
Cable Guard SS 304 SS 202
Coupling SS 410 SS 304
Material of Construction of Motor
Part Name Material
Upper Housing, Lower Housing & Base Cast Iron SS
Stator Shell SS 304  SS 202
Shaft SS 410 SS 431
Journal Bushes Leaded Tin Bronze Carbon
Thrust Assembly SS 420 & Graphite Carbon Mitchell Type Thrust Bearings.