Borewell Compressor Pumps

Borewell Compressor Pump Series

Torren borewell compressor pumps are advanced energy-efficient products that offer soundless functions. Our lightweight agriculture pumps facilitate easy installation and are specially designed to endure high axial thrust loads, making them suitable for wide-ranging applications.

We continuously make improvements to our systems and processes and are committed to supplying superior quality, innovative, efficient and robust pumps. We provide our 5 HP Torren pumps at competitive pricing to ensure affordability without compromising on quality.

Our dedicated R&D team having over 50 years of expertise in manufacturing borewell pumps continuously challenge themselves to deliver cutting-edge solutions that exceed industry benchmarks.

Power Range 1 HP – 7.5 HP
Phase / Voltage Range Single-phase 180 – 240 V/ Three Phase 350- 415 V. A.C. Supply
Maximum total head 350 meters
Maximum flow rate 30000 lph

The detachable compressor cylinder facilitates effortless cleaning

Foolproof indicators to frequently monitor oil levels

Robust construction to endure overload

Compact design

Available in single and double-cylinder design

Special duty motor suitable for compressor

Specially designed cast iron cylinder with deep finned for better heat dissipation

Adjustable motor bed

Shell molded cylinders



Agriculture/ Irrigation


Low yield borewells



Material of Construction of Pump
Part Name Material
Cylinder Cast Iron
Piston Aluminum
Crank Assembly Forged Steel Casting
Housing Cast Iron
Air Filter Assembly Plastic