Solar Submersible Pump - Torren Pumps

Solar Submersible Pump (Ac)

Introducing our hi-tech solar submersible pumps, engineered by our dedicated R&D team with over five decades of experience in delivering innovative solutions in manufacturing water pumps. Torren solar pumps are meticulously crafted with utmost precision to deliver unparalleled performance and smooth operations.

We also deliver exceptional end-to-end customer service, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers. Torren high-performance submersible solar pumps are designed to meet your water pumping requirements with precision and reliability.

Bore size min. 3”,4″,5″,6″,7″ & 8″
Power Range 0.5 to 30.0 HP
Voltage Range 340V – 440V, AC Three-phase, 50Hz
Voltage Range 180V – 240V, AC Three-phase , 50Hz (Upto 7.5 HP)
Speed 2900 RPM
Motor Type Water filled and water-cooled Induction motor
Coupling Key ( Upto 25 HP) / NEMA
Head Maximum 500 M
Discharge Maximum 1600 LPM
No of Stages Maximum 60
Liquid temperature Maximum 33ºC
Operating Pressure 50 bar


Effortless installation

Soundless functions

Wet-type, Water-cooled and Rewindable motors

Perfect for wide voltage fluctuations

Easy dismantling and repairs

Dynamically balanced rotating parts

Specially designed bearings to endure high axial thrust loads

Designed to operate with variable speed drives

Tailored to maximize daily water output with early start and late stop

Designed to function in low sunlight conditions


Agricultural /Irrigation




Garden watering

Pressure Boosting


Fire Fighting

Material of Construction of Pump
Part Name Material
Check Valve housing Stainless Steel 304/ Cast Iron
Check Valve Seat Stainless Steel 304/ Cast Iron
Diffuser Chamber Stainless Steel 304/ Cast Iron
Impeller Stainless Steel 304
Diffuser Stainless Steel 304/ Cast Iron
Suction Inter Connector Stainless Steel 304/ Cast Iron
Inlet Screen Stainless Steel 304
Pump Shaft Stainless Steel 304
Cable Guard Stainless Steel 304
Coupling Stainless Steel 304
Material of Construction of Motor
Part Name Material
Stator Shell Stainless Steel 304
Shaft Stainless Steel 410 /431
Journal Bearings Leaded Tin Bronze / Carbon
Thrust Assembly Stainless Steel 420 and Graphite Carbon Segment Type Thrust Bearing.
Base, Oil Seal, Lower and Upper Housing Stainless Steel 304/ Cast Iron