Agriculture Borewell Motor Selection

Factors to consider when choosing an agriculture borewell motor

It will be daunting to choose the right water pump model from the market. Interrupted water supply, poor water pressure, unnecessary consumption of energy and excessive pump maintenance are the issues which are the threats when buying a pump. However, for choosing the vertical open well submersible pumps for agriculture you need to provide crops, livestock and other agricultural needs. Thus, Torren pumps have come with the insights of choosing the agriculture borewell motor that you need to choose.

For agriculture, which pump is beneficial to shop?

  • One of the most widely used types of agricultural pumps is the centrifugal pump. They are appropriate for large-scale farming operations and are known for their high rate of flow.
  • Perfect for irrigation and well water pumping, submersible pumps are made to be submerged in water. They have a pump mechanism and engine that runs below the water’s surface to provide a steady stream of water. 
  • Deep well pumps are made especially to draw water out of very deep wells. They have a pump unit that is above the water level and a long hose that is put into the well.
  • The pumps which are perfect for rural farms are the solar pumps which run on solar energy. 

Factors that need to be considered when buying pumps for agriculture: 

No matter if you choose to buy online or visit any nearby pump manufacturer in Coimbatore, here are the important factors you need to consider. Here, these aspects are suitable if you choose to buy the water pump for farmland or any industrial purpose. Therefore, ensure you make the right investment in choosing the water pump. 

  1. As most boreholes for private water supplies have a depth of between 4 and 6 inches, 4-inch and 6-inch borehole pumps are the most popular kinds. However, in certain situations, 3-inch boreholes are created. In situations like these, or where mud and waste deposits have accumulated over time and caused a 4-inch borehole to shrink in size, a 3-inch borehole pump can be necessary.
  2. The depth of the groundwater level that a borehole must reach determines how far down it should be dug. It is crucial that the chosen submersible borehole water pump can function effectively at the concerned water level because different models have varying maximum immersion levels.
  3. The demand on the water supply and its intended usage directly impacts the necessary flow rate of a borehole pump or the speed at which the water is carried. For instance, a borehole used for routine equipment maintenance will need far more flow than one utilized for several residential homes’ drinking, toilet, shower, and washing needs.
  4. Since borehole water pumps must pump water over great vertical distances, they usually have high pressures by nature. To get the water supply where it needs to be, it is necessary to confirm that the design that is chosen can produce the necessary pressure. This is dependent on the borehole’s depth to ground level and the distance between ground level and the ultimate destination, such as the location of the water tank. The borehole pump needs to operate at a higher pressure to keep the water from leaking out the farther away it is.
  5. It is common to include a degree of safety in both flow and pressure measurements once the pump is attached to make sure it doesn’t fail. However, oversizing is one of the main reasons for pump ineffectiveness, which leads to wasteful energy use and power expenses, thus experts advise being as precise as possible when calculating your maintenance needs.
  6. Verify the voltage of the power source you have on-site—230 or 400 volts—because this may affect the submersible borehole pump you require for your installation.
  7. There could be more sand in some water sources than others, depending on where the source is located. In this scenario, the borehole pump must be able to move sand without friction or blockage. It is best to choose models with self-cleaning floating impellers when compared to other models. 

What are the other features included in this pump?  A private water supply can feel as near to drawing water from the mains as feasible by combining characteristics of borehole pump controls with the pump:

  • The starter box indicates an on/off switch. 
  • Variable speed drive can modify the pump’s speed in response to the water supply’s current demand.
  • Overload protection which is to avoid damaging the pump, stops operation when there is a voltage overload.
  • The dry run protection feature prevents burnout and pump damage by stopping the pump when the water level is low.

Hope, the above-mentioned aspects will provide a clear view when you choose an agricultural borewell motor. However, Torren Pumps offers a wide variety of water pumps which are suitable for agriculture and other purposes. You can make your investment with the top water pump manufacturer in Coimbatore as we’re good in providing quality, and durability and offer required guidance to the users.